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For me, giving a reading (a soul reading to be more precise) has always been like stepping into a person's life, I see and understand my client's destiny for the duration of the reading. I feel what my clients feel, and thanks to my experience with an international clientele, I know how to put each of my clients at ease in a peaceful spirit. 

I'll first work alone on a picture of my client without any questions asked. Some time later I'll explain everything i “saw” and “felt” through that picture. It's a work that digs very deep into my client's destiny and life situation, showing the different options and possibilities available. This session takes my clients to an other  world, the one they can not be seen in a cartesian way . It's a reading that gives my clients the opportunity to better understand their fate, better apprehend their life, and finally allow them to move forward. It gives them the chance to get rid of their main problems, understand the meaning of their destiny, highlight what they can not see, and finally release them. I will show my clients that sometimes what they feel is not always real. A Soul Reading is a soul therapy allowing my clients to better understand who they really are and better apprehend their destiny.

I respond to all the questions asked from my clients, and make them understand that because everything happens for a reason, there is always a solution for each specific situation. By telling them everything I feel and see as a psychic during a reading, I open some doors allowing them to make decisions, having the chance to get rid of a burden, and make them see what they couldn't see. In any case, this session is not just about making some announcements, but explaining the deep meaning and reason of a past, present or future particular problem. Doing a Soul Reading is informing people about who they really are, about their soul and destiny, because both soul and destiny are linked. If everything happens for a reason, that's because everything is linked.

All the informations i communicate don’t come from me but THROUGH me. My clients will receive what they definitely need to know, not simply what they want to hear, which is sometimes two different things. Anyway, know that there is always a good reason some informations are coming through...Always! Pretty much nothing is off limits, no detail too small. I could talk about your family (both living and those that have passed on, if they show up), your spouse or partner, children, your job, home, health, finances etc…

I have a great respect for both my clients and my work, and I clearly understand the deeply personal nature of my readings. Everything said during a reading between me and my client always stay between me and my client.

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