Knowledge is one thing, understanding is an other


Do we depend on destiny ?

How works the universe in which we evolve ?

Does life really have a meaning ?

Do the past and the future really exist as we perceive them ?

Are there any spirits among us ?

What is a psychic, mediumship ?

Is death really an end?



Conferences that provide specific answers to questions that many people ask, in order to help better understand life, better understand the meaning of it, understand how and with whom we evolve. Apart from all religious beliefs, based on facts, through my personal experiences and my careful observations of life, under a new perspective and through exciting fields such as parapsychology, metaphysics, esotericism, spiritualism ... I try to explain all of this through each of my lectures.

Each conference has a specific theme, and is often followed by a debate allowing the audience to ask questions, exchange different points of view and deepen each other's knowledge. In that kind of field, curiosity and open-mindedness are essential.


These conferences are organised on a private basis by individuals for a selected audience, or by companies for their employees, their customers or a wider public, for seminars or associations etc ... and are only accessible by invitation.
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