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For individuals, residences, restaurants, offices etc ... I give advices to harmonise the energies between people's identity and their environment, a place they want to go, they want to live or work in. If we don't do anything, negative energies can stagnate and be an obstruction in our life . Note that energies are not only present within people, but also in all objects, even inanimate ones. People, objects, location....everything is connected. Being at my client's, I am able to help get rid of negative energies, explaining what is wrong between my client and that specific location, and what to do against these psychic and vibratory pollution. The goal is to make a place as peaceful and relaxing as possible, whatever the place. One of the most important places of our life is obviously our home, this place being the mirror of ourselves, bringing or taking away energies. That said, no matter where you are, your home, an office, a restaurant, etc., everything starts right from the front door. My work is to give a soul to a place, make people feel good starting from their first steps in that place, make them keep walking, feel good, move on and stay there. Know that giving a "soul" to a place is not just about making it look good, but mainly to make people feel good. ( Service available on site only )

After years of experiences and changes made for individuals, offices, restaurants ... this service has evolved according to special situations encountered, as well as specific requests from some customers, therefore, design and decoration naturally came to complete this service with a company I have set up with my wife: LE REXO *.

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Human beings have always left traces no matter where, and even more since they are no longer truly nomadic. They leave obvious traces from a material point of view that goes without saying, but not only, because you should know that they also leave many which are invisible. They are important, very important actually because they are energies. Nothing can exist without energy, so everything is permeated with energies. They are there, present, in us and around us, through objects, walls, we do not see them, but we cannot escape them. They are filled with what “is” and what “has been”, time passing, history, and they influence our life because again: we cannot escape them.

Have you ever been to a place that seemed perfect at first glance, but very quickly didn't make you want to stay there ?. Buildings and objects are not just "things", but a collection of energies. If you are surrounded by objects or walls that have been through rough time, their energies will resonate negatively with your psyche, influencing your personality, your feelings, your surroundings, and being able to modify your plans and projects. You should know that these energies are alive and active. As a result, it is quite possible to redirect them, modify them, transform them or make them disappear.

"What is and has been, the passage of time and what has happened create the energies that surround us"

- Cédric Rexo

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