Anticipating the right decisions


Everybody knows that to do business, run a company, make important decisions or commitments, there is always two inseparable factors that lead to success or failure : calculation and risk. Unless there is a miscalculation, at the end it is risk that will sign the success or failure of a business plan or a contract, because risk is the unknown, what can not be controlled, what is hidden, all that we do not know, the unforeseen circumstances.

Beyond the limits of rational logic, It is through pictures or names (people or companies) that i help and advise General Managers, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs... see if their associates, future business partners, customers are (or will be) righteous, honest and trustable enough to sign any contract or make any deal with them. I help my clients see and understand some situations or circumstances that go beyond mere evidences or logical explanations. I advise and help to better apprehend future consequences, avoid any bad things coming that can not be calculated or known conventionally. That way, it is also possible to avoid setbacks, and in some cases avoid collateral damages. I am here to guide my clients, say things through what I see and what I feel as a psychic (and definitely not as a business consultant), in order to make them understand what will happen to their project according to options they'll have in front of them, and choices they'll have to make. It is also through some candidates pictures or names, that i help Headhunters, Managers, HR Managers to identify the most suitable candidate to fill a business position with specific requirements. I give advices and will point the person who would be the most stable and trustable candidate able to fit a particular job in a specific environment, because good skills are not always enough. In some cases, it is better to know who really is behind a resume, what may happen to that person, and this for the benefit of everyone.


All the informations i communicate don’t come from me but THROUGH me. My clients will receive what they really need to know, not simply what they want to hear, which is sometimes two different things. Anyway, know that there is always a good reason some informations are coming through... Always!. Pretty much nothing is off limits, no detail too small. I could talk about your actual business, new projects, people directly or indirectly related to your business, your business partners, yourself, people surrounding you or surrounding your business (including those that have passed on, if they show up), your health, finances etc...

I have a great respect for both my clients and my work, and I clearly understand the deeply personal nature of my readings. Everything said during a reading between me and my client always stay between me and my client.

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