Metaphysical and esoteric exchanges



Together, face to face on site (or online), with confidence and openness, I invite my clients to take their time to step into the unknown, to find out how their life works. They'll obtain, little by little with a complete peace of mind, some answers to the questions they're asking to themselves about destiny, about who they are and the causes that push them to make certain choices. It is also an opportunity to better balance their life, to better accept what has happened to them, what is happening to them and what will happen to them, with the main goal of understanding why all of this is happening, being able to find the right balance between choices available to them and the decisions they can make.

Open-mindedness to get started.



We all have questions that bother us:
Is there a place for chance, hazard?
Can destiny work against us?
What is the meaning of life?
Are we destined to experience certain things?
What are these energies surrounding us?
Is death an end?
All these questionings and wonderings are very legitimate, and our exchanges allow a vision and apprehension of life which can release the weight of certain questions.

An exchange to move forward.




We all ask ourselves the same questions and encounter the same problems, but paradoxically we are all unique, with our own specific joys, worries and interrogations. It is around metaphysics and esotericism, outside any rational and Cartesian thought that I explain these issues to each of my clients, according to their own life, their experience and understanding of destiny. There is no coincidence, everything is linked, so it is an opportunity for my clients to better understand destiny, to better understand life, and to finally allow them to move forward with a more peaceful mind.

“Our life is the mirror of our thoughts”. Accepting this is essential for the comprehension of two things: yourself and your life path.

Comprehension to soothe.

Come with your own questions, and I'll be with you

Sessions that combine mediumship and philosophy of life. Sessions that concern all those who want to know more about how life works. You'd like to exchange in order to better understand the mechanism of your destiny, or wish to speak about a very specific subject of life. Maybe you've already had a soul reading before and want to dig deeper to better understand why and how you got there. You have attended one of my conferences and wish to deepen a theme because it touches you personally. Whether we already know each other or not, no matter who you are, I will be there to listen to you and share with you. You launch the debate, you choose the subject that torments you, and I accompany you. If you'd like to, we will start a session by preparing a carefully selected herbal infusion (100% organic) depending on who you are and what you are looking for, or perhaps you will simply opt for a coffee. Each session takes place comfortably installed, for one or two people, with calm and serenity, leaving aside the little worries of everyday's life for an hour and a half. Then, at the end of the session, especially for those who obviously want it, I can suggest that we end your session with 10 minutes of meditation, allowing you to evacuate and decant everything that has crossed your mind.

Know that it is all about taking your time in order to better understand everything that surrounds you, to better understand how the universe in which you live operates, allowing you to move forward with a more peaceful mind.

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