Introduction, Point of view.




To be able to answer to many questions, to make myself better understood and for those who’d like to know me better and understand what i do, i thought it would be interesting to have my own website, and complete it over time. That wasn’t an easy task for me, because i am not used to do that. It is absolutely not in my nature to reveal myself or talk about me. I am definitely not shy and have never tried to hide myself, but, since i am very young, my instinct always pushed me to stay backward, being an "observer". Time after time i have realized that my attitude had nothing to do with who i really was. What was actually keeping me a few steps back from the crowd, and making me watch and feel the scenery i was part of, was in fact the emotions and feelings i could get from people surrounding me, or the energy of a specific location.

I use my "feelings", "knowledges", psychic abilities to help people choose the right path so they can positively enjoy their life, better "accept" and better "understand" the meaning of their life, the reason of their destiny. That said, for me and for all of us, isn't the purpose of our life to "accept" and "understand"? ... have you ever wonder !?!



My goal, as you may have understood, is not just to predict things. My goal is to go far beyond a simple "reading", explaining the meaning of each person's life. We can replace the word life by destiny, it does not matter because in both cases we talk about the same thing. For me it is essential to explain who we are, to explain that what we are experiencing is not due to a simple fate, but consciously or unconsciously, we are responsible for what's happening or will happen to us. If it is possible to see something happening in the future, and paradoxically possible to take action in order to anticipate it, and stop it, it is necessary to explain why. If something were to happen, and we were given the opportunity to change everything in advance, there is a reason for that, and you have to understand how it works to better apprehend that, better understand what your destiny is made of. My goal is to explain and make understand that everyone's life (destiny) has a very specific meaning. Without these explanations, which go far beyond simple predictions, it is not possible to understand who we really are, and why we come to that. A “simple reading” is unfortunately not enough, and sometimes useless, because without knowing the deep meaning hidden behind some "announcements", very often the same mistakes and the same problems remain.

" Knowing is not enough, the point is to accept in order to understand. " 

- Cédric Rexo

Point of view


Psychic’s intuition accesses what we could call a “universal connection” to attain informations about you, the people surrounding you and aspects of your own situation. Psychics should always be here to help, and use their intuition and the universal connection to do just that. The credibility of a psychic should be obvious as details are shared with you during a reading. A true psychic with developed abilities shouldn’t need to ask you many questions, if any at all, about the issues you need help with. Otherwise, what you are getting is reasoning based advice, not guidance based on psychic insights. That “psychic ability” isn’t some gift that is available only to people born with the gift, or people who where supposedly touched by an angel or any other entity. People that make these claims generally want you to think they are special and that you need to always rely on them because of this. In all reality, psychic ability is a natural human ability, and everyone is psychic at some different levels.



You can not learn how to be Psychic, because it's just something natural. People do not become Psychic because they've learned how to use Tarot cards, specific stones or any other tools. These tools should only be used to be combined with psychic ability, confirming the Psychic's intuitions and/or helping the Psychic to see things that were not clear enough. Cards, stones or other tools should be used as a "support", and that's all. Making just a simple reading using divination tools, without any developed psychic ability, could lead people to the wrong directions. Divination is not a game. Actually true Psychics do not "read" cards (or other tools), they "feel" them.

" There is no coincidences, everything is linked, everything is one "

- Cédric Rexo


Destiny VS Free will

Some people think that if there is destiny, then there is no free will. Some others think that because we always have our own free will, destiny does not exist. Actually we have both, destiny and free will, because life is like a set of cards. We are all born with our own and specific "set of cards". Some will have a lot of hearts and a few spades, others will have a good mix of everything, some others a lot of black cards etc... That set of cards you were born with is unique, and represents your destiny. The way you will choose and use these cards is also unique, because it is your own free will. But one question remains: when picking up a specific card, is that fate pushing you to do it, or is it just your own free will???. Let me give you an other example. You have decided to go to Shanghai (or New York, or Paris...). You can choose to go there by car, train, plane, boat, and even decide when to go there. That's your free will. Will you get there, on time, that's your destiny. But one question remains: why did you decide to go there?. Is that your destiny, or is it simply your own free will??? 

They both always come together, the most important thing is to keep, the best we can, a good balance between destiny and free will. When we have choices, when we have our own free will, it is sometime difficult to make a choice, a good one, and when destiny is on its way, it’s sometime hard to understand it, to accept it as it is. It’s actually at these particular moments that a psychic is very useful. A psychic can be very helpful, but it has to be an efficient one, not a counterproductive one.


The efficient & counterproductive psychics

From my point of view (to make it as simple as possible), there are two types of psychics. I will obviously not talk about the third ones, those  who have no psychic abilities at all, but who still pretend being able to help, when they actually only play with people’s feelings and weaknesses.

The first type is a person who has more or less developed some psychic abilities and is able to do some readings, in a very superficial and uncontrolled way, telling some good or bad things, not being able to explain “why”or “how”, and unable to dig deep. That’s what i call a counterproductive psychic. That kind of people may tell you some real facts, but they just stop there, when it’s actually at this right moment that they should be useful. It is at this point that a good psychic should be able to help people in need, because a good psychic is especially here to explain why an event has occurred or will occur, and how to accept and apprehend it. What's the point to tell you something coming soon in your life, next year or in ten years, if you don't know the different options ahead of you, if no one explain how and why would that happen. How useful is it to hear some predictions that are, at the end, completely useless???

What’s happening in people's life always depends on how they keep balance between destiny and free will. One thing should be known and kept in mind : “Everything happens for a reason”. That’s why real psychics should use their abilities to help people, they shouldn’t just make "some predictions". Psychics should also be able to explain the roots of their clients problems, the reasons of some events, bringing as much explanations as possible, allowing them to better understand and better accept what’s happening or will happen in their life, and finally making them feel much better, with lighter thoughts and mind. This is the second type of psychics that i call efficient psychics. Only that kind of psychics will make you understand when you do have your own free will, and where destiny is leading you. Doing a simple reading is not enough to be an efficient psychic. To be efficient, a psychic has to go further, see through people, which means getting access to their soul, read their soul, understand what their soul is seeking, because destiny and soul are linked. 

Any questions? Do not hesitate.