No judgements, no bad news, i simply aim to bring help and hope by passing the right messages

to better understand life, destiny.


The word "psychic" is derived from the Greek word psychikos ("of the mind" or "mental"), and refers in part to the human mind or psyche. The Greek word also means "soul". In Greek mythologie, the maiden Psyche was the deification of the human soul.
For many people’s first impression, a psychic is someone who can look into the future at what fate has to offer (clairvoyant), someone who can communicate with spirits (medium), or maybe someone who can impress people with past life readings. That is right, but incomplete. First of all, a good psychic does not work like a clairvoyant or a medium. A good psychic has to see, feel and mainly understand what is your “destiny” , what's happening in your life, and explain it. Going beyond the limits of rational logic, a good psychic will see what happened or will happen to you, and should help you see the right and wrong directions you'll have ahead of you, allowing you to understand, anticipate and accept your destiny in a serenely way. That way, he will put you into a more peaceful and powerful place to make the right choices and help you.

" Destiny is an amazing thing if you understand how it works "

- Cédric Rexo


My name is Cédric. I was born in France from a family who's been using psychic abilities from generation to generation. I have the ability to “feel” people, see things about them, see details about their life, about their destiny. That's what I call a "soul reading". I have the ability of “knowing”, of “sensing the truth”, getting “special feelings”, as well as feeling energies surrounding me, energies from a home, a restaurant, an office... this is an ability that can’t be explained with logical explanations. I help people to see what steps they can take to increase the chance of getting the best results in their life. This can help to get past any grief and confusion they may be facing with some issues in their life, with their job or business. My goal is to improve people's life quality by responding to their questions, to their expectations, explaining what "i know", what "i see", what "i feel". It helps to overcome certain pains, solve problems, and therefore help people better apprehend their future, better understand their destiny. From time to time it happens that i can also get feelings, knowledges or important informations from those who have passed away and are linked with my clients.

After living 20 years in China and through all my travels, I have seen and learned a lot about customs, beliefs, and some very specific visions of life. Living in Shanghai, an international megapolis, I also had the chance to meet people from all over the globe, having clients with very different profiles, watching their life evolving in different ways, some of them having destinies really out of the ordinary. I have always used my psychic abilities since I was very young, however, thanks to all this life experience and what I’ve seen, I have been able to sharpen my intuition, allowing me to better master these abilities, better apprehend them, with a view on life and destiny, more open, more objective, more positive.


" Intuition is the thought behind the thought "

- Cédric Rexo


First of all, you have to understand that i do not control anything. All the informations i communicate don’t come from me but THROUGH me. I have a little control over what i am being spiritually guided to convey. My clients will receive what they need to know, not just what they want to hear, which may be two very different things sometimes. Anyway, know that here is always a good reason some informations are coming through.




Everybody knows that to do business, run a company, make important decisions or commitments, there is always two inseparable factors that lead to success or failure : calculation and risk. Unless there is a miscalculation, at the end it is risk that will sign the success or failure of a business plan or a contract because risk is the unknown, what can not be controlled, what is hidden, all that we do not know, the unforeseen circumstances.

- It is through pictures or names (people or companies) that i help and advise General Managers, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs... see if their associates, future business partners, are (or will be) righteous, honest and trustable enough to sign any contract or make any deal with them. I help my clients to see and understand some situations or circumstances that go beyond mere evidences. I advise and help to better apprehend future consequences, avoid any bad things coming that can not be calculated or known conventionally. That way, it is also possible to avoid setbacks, and in some cases avoid collateral damages. I am here to guide my clients, say things through what I see and what I feel as a psychic, in order to make them understand what will happen to their project according to the options they'll have in front of them, and choices they'll have to make.

- It is also through some candidates pictures or names, that i help Headhunters, Managers, HR Managers to identify the most suitable candidate to fill a business position with specific requirements. I give advices and will point the person who would be the most stable and trustable candidate able to fit a particular job in a specific environment, because good skills are not always enough. In some cases, it is better to know who really is behind a resume, what would happen to that person, and this for the benefit of everyone.



(service available on site only)


For individuals, residences, restaurants, offices etc ... I give advices to harmonise the energies between people's identity and their environment, a place they want to go, they want to live or work in. If we don't do anything, negative energies can stagnate and be an obstruction in our life . Note that energies are not only present within people, but also in all objects, even inanimate ones. People, objects, location....everything is connected. Being at my client's, I am able to help get rid of negative energies, explaining what is wrong between my client and that specific location, and what to do against these psychic and vibratory pollution. The goal is to make a place as peaceful and relaxing as possible, whatever the place. One of the most important places of our life is obviously our home, this place being the mirror of ourselves, bringing or taking away energies. That said, no matter where you are, your home, an office, a restaurant, etc., everything starts right from the front door. My job is to give a soul to a place, make people feel good starting from their first steps in that place, make them keep walking, feel good, move on and stay there. Know that giving a "soul" to a place is not just about making it look good, but mainly to make people feel good. After years of experiences and changes made for individuals, offices, restaurants ... this service has evolved according to special situations encountered, as well as specific requests from some customers, therefore, design and decoration naturally came to complete this service with a company I have set up with my wife: LE REXO *.
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For me, giving a reading has always been like stepping into a person's life, I see and understand my client's destiny for the duration of the reading. I feel what my clients feel, which allows me to make each one of them feel comfortable with a peaceful mind.

2 options for a reading:

• “Soul reading” : I respond to all the questions from my clients, and make them understand that because everything happens for a reason, there is always a solution for each specific situation. By telling them everything I feel and see as a psychic during a reading, I open some doors allowing them to make decisions, having the chance to get rid of a burden, and make them see what they couldn't see. In any case, this session is not just about making some announcements, but explaining the deep meaning and reason of a past, present or future particular problem. Doing a Soul Reading is about informing people about who they really are, about their soul and destiny, because they are both linked. And if everything happens for a reason, that's because everything is linked.

• “Deep reading” : I first work alone on a picture of my client without any questions asked. Some time later I'll explain everything i “saw” and “felt” through that picture. It's a work that digs very deep into my client's destiny and life situation, showing the different options and possibilities available. This session takes my clients to an other  world, the one they can not see. It's a reading that gives my clients the opportunity to better understand their fate, better apprehend their life, and finally continue to move forward. It gives them the chance to get rid of their main problems, understand the meaning of their destiny, highlight what they can not see, and finally release them. I will show my clients that sometimes what they feel is not always real. A Deep Reading is a Soul Therapy allowing my clients to better understand who they really are and better apprehend their destiny. Though i may have already answered all of the questions they had in mind, if some answers were not understood, or some questions remained unanswered, it is possible to continue and go further.

Pretty much nothing is off limits, no detail too small. I could talk about your family (both living and those that have passed on, if they show up), your spouse or partner, children, your job or business, your home, health, finances etc…

I have a great respect for my clients and my work, and I clearly understand the deeply personal nature of my readings. Everything said during a reading between me and my client, always stay between me and my client.


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