Psychic Counselling

To help heal the past, predictions for the future, and guidance to help get through whatever is causing difficulty in the present

What is a Psychic?

Many people’s first impression is someone who can look into the future at what fate has to offer, someone who can communicate with dead people, or maybe someone who can impress people with past life readings. That is right, but incomplete. First of all, a good psychic should  be able to help you. A good psychic has to understand why “things” are happening in your life, and then explain it to you and identify the options you’ll have in front of you. A good psychic should help you see the right and wrong directions you have ahead of you. That way, he will put you in a more peaceful and powerful place to make the right choice.

We all are unique no matter how things may appear on the physical surface. Psychic’s intuition accesses a “universal intelligence” to attain the information you need about you, and the people and aspects of your own situation. Psychic should always be here to help. Good psychics will use their intuition and the universal intelligence to do just that.

The credibility of a psychic should be obvious as details are shared with you during a reading. A true psychic with developed abilities shouldn’t need to ask you many questions, if any at all, about the issues you need help with. Otherwise, what you are getting is reasoning based advice, not guidance based on psychic insights.

That “psychic ability” isn’t some gift that is available only to people born with the gift, or people who where supposedly touched by an angel or any other entity. People that make these claims generally want you to think they are special and that you need to always rely on them because of this. In all reality, psychic ability is a natural human ability, and everyone is psychic at some different levels.

- Tarot cards, Stones or other supports-

One more thing. You can not learn how to be Psychic, because it is a natural ability. People do not become Psychic because they've learned how to use Tarot cards, specific stones or any other tools. These tools should only be used to be combined with psychic ability, confirming the Psychic's intuitions and/or helping the Psychic to see things that were not clear enough. Cards, stones or other tools should be used as a "support", and that's all. Making just a simple reading using divination tools, without any developed psychic ability, could lead people to the wrong directions. Divination is not a game. Actually true Psychics do not "read" cards (or other tools), they "feel" them.

Who am i ?

My name is Cédric. I was born in France from a family who's been using psychic abilities from generation to generation. I have the ability to “feel” people, see things about them, see details about their life, about their destiny. It is an ability of “knowing”, of “sensing the truth”, getting “special feelings”, as well as feeling energies surrounding me, energies from a home, a restaurant, an office... this is an ability that can’t be explained with logical explanations. Anyway, this is not something you can "learn", because it is simply a natural ability. 

I try to help people see what steps they can take to increase the chance of getting the best results in their life. This can help to get past any pain and confusion they may be facing with an issue in their life.

My goal is to help people improve their life by answering their questions, explaining what "i know", what "i see", what "i feel", and therefore help them better apprehend their future, better understand their destiny.

From time to time it happens that i can also get feelings, knowledges or important informations from those who have passed away and are linked with my clients.

I have been practicing since i am a little boy, and i am now helping people from all around the globe.

Who and How ?

First of all, you have to understand that i do not control anything. All the informations i communicate don’t come from me but THROUGH me. I have a little control over what i am being spiritually guided to convey. My clients will receive what they need, not just what they want to hear, which may be two very different things sometimes. There is always a good reason some informations are coming through, it's often to bring help and hope.


- Through some candidates pictures, i help Headhunters, Managers, Human Resources Personnels to identify the most suitable candidate to fill a business position with specific requirements. I advise on who is the most stable and trustable candidate who could fit a particular job in a specific environment, because good skills are not always enough. It is also through pictures that i help and advise businessmen, entrepreneurs... see if their associates, business partners, are (or will be) righteous, honest and trustable enough to sign any contract or make any deal with them.


- Home, office, restaurant, lounge etc... negative energies can linger anywhere. Energy is not only present inside people, but in everything, even in inanimate objects. I help my clients remove negative energies by going to their place, explaining what is wrong between them and that place, and what to do to cleanse the area of bad vibes and psychic pollution. My goal is always to make my clients experience bliss and tranquility in their home or in their business.


- A reading face to face. For me, giving a reading has always been like stepping into a person's life for the duration of their reading. I feel what my clients feel, i understand them, which allows me to make each one of them feel comfortable with a peaceful mind.

Before the reading starts, i always provide a pen and notebook. Weeks, months or years later, those notes can be very useful.

2 options for a reading:

• “Classic reading”, meeting my clients, answering their questions, and telling them everything i feel and see.

• “Deep reading”, working first on a picture of my clients without any questions from them, and a few days later, when meeting my client, i’ll explain everything i “saw” and “felt” from that picture. Though i may have already answered all of the questions they had in mind, they are free to ask whatever questions they may still have left.

Pretty much nothing is off limits, no detail too small. I could talk about your family (both living and those that have passed on, if they show up), your spouse or partner, children, your job or business, your home, health, finances etc… 

I have a great respect for my clients and my work, and I clearly understand the deeply personal nature of my readings.

Note: Everything said during a reading between me and my client, always stay between me and my client.

No judgements, no bad news, i simply aim to pass the right message, give the right advices, bring help and hope.


Any questions ?

I speak English, Chinese and French. If you have any questions, do not hesitate.

" If we meet, there must be a reason. Anyway, i am not here to convince you, just here to pass messages "

-- Cédric Rexo